Obesity crisis in the UK! Words we are hearing more and more.  A new analysis of bariatric surgery, published in The BMJ, states that the UK has the second highest rate of obesity in Europe and ranks sixth internationally, with 25% of adults being obese and 62% being overweight.  However, the number of people having bariatric surgery is falling (1), leading to calls today for bariatric surgery to be rebranded and called “metabolic and diabetes surgery” to make it more attractive to men in particular.  However, surely such drastic surgery should be considered only as a last resort? We know that diets do not work, but why does hypnotherapy not receive greater attention?  It is very effective for weight loss, and has none of the risks and unpleasant side effects of surgery.

Furthermore, many bariatric patients receive little, if any, counselling or other psychiatric and emotional support, even though many patients will have underlying issues that have led to their unhealthy eating behaviour. Many also lack confidence and self-esteem.  Without help and support, they continue to the same eating behaviours after surgery, and continue to feel bad about themselves.  If the behaviour is not changed, you can still gain weight, even after surgery.

Hypnotherapy on the other hand is safe and natural, without any unpleasant side effects. The hypnotherapist provides that psychological and emotional support, considering the reasons behind the unhealthy eating behaviour, working with the client to resolve any issues and increase feelings of self-esteem, confidence and positivity, using suggestion, visualisation and relaxation.  Clients are helped and supported as they learn new, healthy, eating behaviours, such as #portion control.

If you want to lose weight, consider hypnotherapy before surgery, and make a real difference to your life.


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