Irritable Bowel Syndrome (“IBS”) is a functional disorder of the gut for which there is no known cause, although stress and anxiety, erratic eating habits and food intolerances are known to be contributory factors.  Symptoms vary from person to person, but include bloating, swelling, gas and abdominal pain and can be very distressing.

Conventional treatment consists of prescribing drugs to relieve the symptoms, which can be expensive and result in unpleasant side effects.  Hypnotherapy, however, offers a safe, natural and clinically proven alternative by helping to alleviate stress and anxiety, both contributory factors in IBS*.  Two NHS studies at South Manchester University Hospital and Guys Hospital, London) have shown a success rate of up to 80% using hypnosis [1].

Using a gut specific (gut directed) hypnotherapy programme, tailored to suit you, symptoms may be relieved for up to 5 years.  The programme consists of 5 hypnotherapy sessions, over a period of 2-3 months.  I will ask you to keep a food/symptom diary, to help identify your eating patterns and lifestyle and recommend changes.  I may also recommend natural remedies for certain symptoms, such as peppermint oil capsules for abdominal gas.  Everything I recommend is completely natural.

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[1] Hypnotherapy and IBS – A large Scale Audit of a clinical service with examination of factors influencing responsiveness.  Research Team Hypnosis with IBS:  W. Consalkoralkorale PhD., L.Houghton PhD., P. Whorwell MD FRCP – Department of Medicine, University Hospital of South Manchester.

*Disclaimer: The information contained in this website is for general information purposes only. Hypnotherapy and counselling are not guaranteed and results may vary from person to person.